This is an experience of a sadhak.
Sadhak's name is not shown for privacy.
Mantra: Hleem Dhoom Hleem
The Bagalamukhi - Dhoomavati combo is an extremely powerful mantra.
It's quick and destroys all you adversaries in a blink of an eye. Be it powerty, misfortune, ailment, curse or permanant failure; nothing can withstand the sheer force of this mantra. For those who are not aware, Bagalamukhi and Dhoomavati are the most fierce and feared of the ten Mahavidyas (Of course, Chhinnamasta Mahavidya is also there).

I learnt this combo during the Bhopal shivir in November '97.
Although, it is not allowed, I would like to share an experience related to this mantra. On the first day of Nov '97 Bhopal shivir, something prompted me to fast. This was difficult for me as I was not feeling well that day. I had gone there to meet Bade Guruji, Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali; but, due to some reason, Kailash Guruji (Bade Guruji's second son) came in his place. Maybe, I was not happy with this. My condition kept worsening and till evening, fever got over me.

The shivir was in a ground divided into a big tent, where guruji and sadhaks were sitting, and some sheds along with the boundaries of the ground where sadhaks were supposed to sleep in the night. I preferred to stay in a hotel.

It was a two day shivir and that day's session was to end at 10 PM; but, because of my fever, I decided to leave at 7 PM. As I was packing my things, Kailash Guruji anounced that he would grant Bagalamukhi Mahavidya Diksha for a very low fee. I wanted to take that diksha so I decided to stay. Perhaps, I was skeptic about the money thing. Well, though I could barely walk, I reached the payment counter. I wanted to hurry up, but no one was there. I stayed there for a while and then, while thinking this wasn't my day, as I turned to return, I heard a strange, heavy voice, "What do you want?". It was a very fat, black and somewhat weird guy. "Bagalamukhi Diksha", I replied. "Hummm...", he grunted and while chewing his tobacco, wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it over to me. The word "Bagalamukhi" was written on it along with a small signature.
When I gave him the money, he said, "Keep it, you'll need it." and walked way. "Bagalamukhi Diksha for free???", I was surprised, "That's cool." Well, not really. My temperature was still rising. I re-entered the main tent, walked straight to Shrivastavji and gave him the paper to ask him how to proceed. Guruji was not there. He starred the paper for while and looked at me in a surprised manner. "What?", I thought, "Has the guy made a fool of me?"
Anyway, Shrivastavji gave me this mantra and asked me to chant it till Guruji returns.

I returned to my place and started chanting the mantra. In about 10 minutes, the whole scene changed suddenly. I was in a crematory on the banks of a river sitting over a chita surrounded by giant sized trees. I got frightened and opened my eyes. "Hallucinations!!!" Anyway, I started again and yes, the scene, too, returned. This time lightening struck the chita and it started burning wildly. "Help", as I was about to stop again, something inside me ordered me to continue. With every mantra, the flames grew taller and bigger; the temparature was beyond reason and I felt like roasted meat. No matter how this may sound, I was enjoying it. There was heat and there was pleasure. Being cooked alive wasn't that bad, after all.

After a while, the scene flipped back to normal, Guruji had returned, the queue moved on and now, it was my turn. I handed over the paper to Shastriji who was standing next to Guruji making him surprised and stood face-to-face with Kailash Guruji. "Guruji, I'm taller.", I thought. Kailash Guruji placed his left hand on my right shoulder, fingers of his right hand on my head and pressed his right thumb against my forehead and "Whooosh...", something like molten iron entered my forehead. I was supposed to concentrate on his eyes. I tried to do just that but, instead, found two fireballs there and no prices for guessing that, we were back in the crematory standing over the blazing chita. This time the heat was much, much higher and the guy from the payment counter was also there violently throwing something into the chita. "Who is this guy?" and the next moment I saw him getting morphed into Bade Guruji. "Guruji!!! Oh, I missed you so much." Bade Guruji appeared dark and redish and when I turned to Kailash Guruji, who was still in the process of granting Diksha, I was shocked to find him much taller, bigger, muscular, darker and redder. Next, something emerged from his forehead and entered mine with a huge blast and we were back to normal. I was amazed. Kailash Guruji was tapping my head and asking me to leave as he was done. I tried to touch his feet but couldn't as it was not allowed at that time.

I came down the stage and realized that along with my doubts, my fever was gone. I was feeling healthier, stronger, taller and very hungry. I was feeling like the most powerful man in the universe. I didn't want to return, but I did reliving those moments again and again with wildly growing hunger. I entered a veg restaurent and ate and ate and ate till the manager stopped me and said they can't serve anymore. I had eaten 36 big butter nans, 7 big plates of fried rice and a lot of dal makhani and vegetable along with 19 glasses of lassi. Normally, I couldn't have eaten more than 4 nans. The bill was exactly the same amount which I was supposed to pay for the Bagalamukhi Diksha. Remember, I was told I would need that money. I returned to my hotel room and my luckiest day ended with a sound sleep.
The next day, I was the most energetic and helping person in the shivir.
Bhakti is good, but nothing compared to the grandness of sadhana.
Perform sadhana and get what you are destined to have. Good luck...

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