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Bodies within our Physical Body
There is a minute centre within our body, where we can feel the presence of God, from where we can perceive truth, where we can be delighted with divine rhythm from where pleasing aroma is dispatched all the time. Absolute freedom and perfect independence are the characteristic of this minute centre, which is the centre of our brain too. This centre is often called as the sixth sense or the third eye. Though the centre, the source of excellent freedom, aroma, rhythm and bliss is within our body, it has been beyond our use. Because we have not stimulated the centre. The question is how can we activate this divine centre?

Men of letters of different times have defined the centre in various ways. Kundalini is the famous term accepted by a wide mass. Kundalini by virtue is a latent power that should be taken as an electric energy. This latent power can be explained and utilized for the peace and prosperity with the assistance of a true Guru. The process of exploration is very scientific. The power itself moves around the body before it shelters in the centre of our brain. This movement is, in other words, is a travel of the entire universe. The travel in fact is subjective and not objective. Before starting the travel, we should be familiar with seven layers of bodies within us.

1. Physical Body - 7 years
The physical body is seen outside from the ordinary eyes. Formation of this body is completed within or first 7 years of human life.

2. Etheric Body - 14 years.
During this phase, feelings and emotion are developed. The more mature the etheric body becomes, more mature emotion and feelings are developed.

3. Astral Body - 21 years
During the third 7 years of term, the astral body emerges. This body causes the industries of logics, ideas and conscience. Because of this reason, many countries grant voting rights to young people of 21 years. Physical and the etheric bodies are developed by nature herself. However, an astral body is developed with the reach of education, culture, customs and civilization.

4. Mental Body - 28 years
This body is rather strange and very subtle. No surgeon can trace the parts of this body, however, expert is s/he in the profession. This body can be fetched with the development of kundalini power. The seven charkas are its components.

5. Spiritual Body - 35 years
This body should be developed by 35 years of a lifetime. However, people who have not realized the development of mental body (4th stage), can't enter into this phase. Emancpation or moksa is a phenomenon of this phase.

6. Bramha Body - 42 years
During this stage, we certainly realize the existence of sixth sense. Beyond moksa, brahma is realized over here. But most of the people can't go above the third stage. People who have realized the mental body and spiritual body can't enter into this phase.

7. Bodyless Body - 49 years
This is the final phase. Where there is nothing but emptiness. This stage is a great death. People in this phase have achieved everything so there is nothing to be achieved. First four bodies maintain discrimination of male and female. From the fifth stage onwards, there is no distinction.

One interesting point is that every male body includes a female body and every female body includes a male body. The different is that their electric pose is different. For example,

First Body Electric pose of first physical body Electric pose of second body
Male + -
Female - +

So male and female are attracted to each other.
Human body exists in seven stories or seven lokas.

ïï Hari Om ïï

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