I gathered some websites that are very useful for someone seeking knowledge about astral travel(sukshma sarir yatra), out of body experience... Please feel free to surf around. :)
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The following is from http://www.paralumun.com/astral.htm.

ASTRAL TRAVEL, what is astral travel

ASTRAL TRAVEL, read about other peoples astral travelling and submit your own

ASTRAL TIME TRAVEL, is it possible to time travel with astral travel

HOW TO ASTRAL TRAVEL, different techniques to astral travel

MYTHS ABOUT ASRAL TRAVEL, clarifying the myths about astral travel

HOW COMMON, just how common is out of body experiences

NATURAL AND VOLUNTARY, what are the differences

ASTRAL DREAMING, is it just a dream

SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, what is the scientific evidence

THEORIES, examining the different theories

ASTRAL TRAVEL TIPS, some simple tips to help

GETTING BACK IN, some simple tips on getting back in

DUALITY, dealing with duality

MULTIPLE BODIES, encountering multiple bodies

PARALYSIS, feelings of paralysis

ASTRAL WIND, a strange astral wind

ASTRAL NOISE, hearing strange noises

ASTRAL SEX, doing it on the astral planeb

ASTRAL FACES, common phenomenon

Astral Travel Discussion Board

2. www.astralpulse.com
3. www.kundalini-support.com
4. www.mysticweb.org/
5. www.crystalinks.com/astral.html
6. aum-shinrikyo.members.easyspace.com
7. www.thiaoouba.com/astr.htm
8. http://www.paralumun.com/astraltime.htm
9. www.spiritual.com.au/astral.html

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