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Health or soundness of body and mind has become a major concern of many people today. Particularly those whose health is not sound care more about it. Before any chronic disease attacks, one is careless or ruthless. Once the attack is very serious and the way out is remote we remember our carelessness in the past and stay regretting.

In fact, the human body is a wonderful machine. Until we follow the natural laws of our body and mind, there is no problem. Violation of these rules attract manifold problems. Some humble suggestions are presented below so that they will help you to maintain it.

a) Hygienic Food

There is no doubt that food should be consumed as per the necessity of our body. The food should be delicious if it is possible. However, it should not be too oily, saucy, hot, sour. We should avoid with all the extremes regarding food. Food should be plain as far as possible. Mood or temperament while having food is also important. Some tips are:

Ø Have a nice mood while having food,
Ø Have fresh items only,
Ø Eat or chew slowly,
Ø Do eat a lot for taste,
Ø Maintain a routine as far as possible,
Ø Avoid artificiality,
Ø Consider it as a gift of God; be grateful to the Lord for getting it.

b) Balance timetable and life-style

Ø Get up early,
Ø Breath fresh air,
Ø Bath regularly and keep your body perfectly fresh
Ø Fasting in every fortnight,
Ø Do not spoil your sleep,
Ø Keep your environment always clean,
Ø Wear clean clothes,
Ø Have a perfectly balance life-style everyday.

C) Plain thoughts and feelings

A balanced and truthful life returns you happiness. Thoughts and feelings in your mind play very crucial role for your health. Happiness and distress are the results of how you take things or events. If profit or success excites you very much, it is certain that loss or sorrow will also disappoints you severely. Try to avoid the extremes and adopt a disinterested pattern. After all, good and bad, winter and summer, profit and loss, up and down are regular phenomena. Let them come and go in their ways. Try to make yourself as a witness of the events so that you will not lose temper; your psyche will be a balanced one. A balanced and careful driver does not meet accident.

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