1.What is Kundalini and how to activate it?(from siddhashram.org)
2.What is kundalini Serpent? (from sadhakpariwar.com)
3.Real Kundalini Activation experiences
4.Four states of our mind
5.Dhyan Yoga
6.Active Kriya Yoga
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What is Kundalini and how to activate it? Click to Learn more at www.siddhashram.org

At the base of the spinal cord every human being has a powerful, yet dormant source of energy. This source is known as the Muladhar Chakra from which three subtle channels known as Naadis rise up through the spine and reach thew brain. The middle Naadi is known as Sushumna while on its either sides are the Ida and Pingla. At five other centres of highly concentrated energy, called Chakras, along the spinal column, these three Naadis come together and then again divide into three channels as they rise further.

Thus including the Muladhar there are various Chakras in which very powerful energy lies dormant and once they are activated a human gains amazing divine powers like Telepathy, Hypnotism, Clairvoyance. In fact complete success in life in any and every sphere can come only through the activation of all the Chakras and it is with this aim that true Yogis remain engaged in Sadhanas.

But this process can be very intricate and difficult unless one is helped by an enlightened Master who has his own Kundalini fully activated, who is aware of all the processes of activation and who can activate the Kundalini of others.more...

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Human Life and Kundalini (Serpent Power) Yoga (from sadhakpariwar.com)
'Kundalini Sadhana' in real meaning is the sadhana of mind and soul. A co-ordination of different yogas like Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Gyan Yoga is the consequence and result of Kundalini Yoga. The body is tuned by Hatha Yoga, mind through Raj Yoga and Sadhana of soul through (Gyan) Jnana Yoga. Hatha Yoga is directly linked with Pranayam - especially with the breathing practice. Respiration or breathing is related to 'Prana' and Apan Vayu. Therefore Sadhana of Prana through Pranayam is the principal objective of Hatha Yoga.

Raja Yoga is the second step to Kundalini. The main topic concerned to Raja Yoga is meditation. Control over mind through Raja Yoga is the main target. Then what is meditation? Meditation is a process of entering into the inward path from the outer world and changing the external personality of individuals. Meditation is the only means, which helps to enter into the inward world. It is due to this reason that almost all religions, the world over accept meditation as one of the principal means of purification. There in conflict among different religions but in the process and practice of mediation all agree unanimously. The principles among Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Siekhs, Christians all differ. Very Surprisingly, people of whatever religion he or she is, takes meditation as the only means for personal happiness and pleasure. It is the only means to reach the Godhead. Therefore meditative practices are the steps to reach the stage.

Life infact ends up so fast because time waits no one. We talk too much, make wasteful efforts in searching in the outer surface. But we do not think thoughtfully and make a deep search inside ourselves. The whole treasure of happiness is within us, deeper inside. The deeper we go, the more we find and the means to travel inside is meditation. The worldly peace that are think we enjoy is not lasting, they are only momentary, transitory, for example the tastiest food, the best clothes, anything like that is not lasting. We may think that this is happiness, but they have nothing to do with the real happiness. In fact they are the sources of unhappiness. Pleasure and happiness is a state of mind when it is at zero. Zero does not mean negativeness. To be in a state of zero, one needs meditation.

Our education system, the civilization, culture and many other manners teach us to establish relation with others, teaches us how to behave with others. But one of the missing element which is so important that is establishing relationship with the self. All others methods of education fact where as meditation is the only way to know the self.

Dhyan is a state of mind, which is dormant, a state of thoughtlessness. The state of thoughtlessness can be achieved when we become quite aware with the thoughts. We misinterpret Dhyan as simply closing our eyes. Closing the eyes is just a means of delinking self with the outer world; the mind cannot be closed. Closure of the eyes has no linking with the closing and opening of the mind. Thus when we succeed of link the eyes with the mind we began understanding meditation. The mind is the carrier of thoughts. The free flowing of the mind and stopping them is the process of advancing towards meditation. If situation like this creates an environment and appropriate state when the thought waves become stable. Indeed the last state of this state of affairs is " Nirvichar Chetana ". This state is also known as zero thought. Here at this stage there is no one known as " I ". This state is the optimum level of Dhyan and it is also known as Samadhi.

Dhyan or meditation is the means, and Samadhi is the objective. Therefore let us not think more about Dhyan. Instead let us proceed towards action, start doing it, and reap the benefits. The mind may ask different questions or justifications and so long the mind is not tamed properly to filter the questions and inquisitiveness we can not succeed in what we try to do. Dhyan or meditation is the practice a real task that has to be practised. When Dhyan prevails, the mind slips away. The mind is the doorway to worldly matters where as Dhyan is the doorway of Moksha, the liberation. Things desired by mind and achieved can not be gained in Dhyan where as things unsuccessful to be achieved by mind can be achieved through Dhyan.

The main purpose of Raj Yoga is Dhyan - meditation and Samadhi is the ultimate objective of Gyan Yoga. To realise the Atman, Soul through the medium of Samadhi is the purpose of Jnan Yoga. Jnan Yoga in fact is the only means and end of consolidating Atman into the state of Paramatman.

Regarding Kundalini Yoga, there are different means and they are Body, Mind and the Soul. The means to reach the destination is Pranayam, Dhyan and Samadhi. Kundalini Yoga is in fact is the co-ordination of different yogas such as Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnan Yoga. Kundalini should be the main objective of life. Because the present life, the body itself is the means and there are different ways, the doors remain open. Once the body is destroyed everything is gone. Therefore, this is indeed the right time and moment to understand the importance of life. So let us make this life a grand success, gain and achieve personal success and happiness. Kundalini is the power, which can be activated and energized.(from sadhakpariwar.com)
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Real Kundalini Awakening Experiences
Want to know how it feels when kundalini is activated?? Here are some real experiences of those who were lucky and powerful enough to activate and handle the aroused kundalini serpent. Click to know more at www.siddhashram.org ...

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Four States of Consciousness (from sadhakpariwar.com)

A human mind infinitely potential. It is said man has not fully used the capacity of his brain. Even a successful or outstanding person also normally uses 2-3 % of his potentiality. It is so because the cognizer inside a person is that imperishable power, which is not affected by time, place and situations. The power is all the same in all conditions or states of consciousness. As per consciousness, there are 4 states. The first three are experienced by all but the last is not easily accessible. The four are: waking, sleep, deep sleep and turia (super consciousness).

1) Waking

While waking one perceives external objects through the senses. But what is perceived may not necessarily be truth. As for example, we see a plate of curd, which attracts us. We want to taste it. If it is observed through a microscope, it may possess a thousand bacteria. In this way, senses can mislead us.

2) Sleep

During the sleep, our mind makes different exercises. Unfulfilled wished, which are suppressed during the waking state, manifest during the sleep. The happenings in dream/sleep are the result of recollection in our mind. But we cannot imply straight meanings from the way they appear. Rather they give hazy picture of the reality. Therefore, this state is also not so reliable.

3) Deep Sleep

During this phase, we are completely cut of the world. Our senses of waking state rest and recollections or reflections of dream also disappear. Death is also a kind of deep sleep. Therefore, in no way we can rely on this state.

4) Turia (Super Consciousness)

The self or soul or the inner cognizer is exposed during this state of consciousness. In Buddism, it is called sunya (emptiness) and Sufi in Islamism. Only sadhak and yogis can taste the nectar of this state. In this state, man perceives the ultimate reality of the world; one begins to grasp the infinity of the universe; one realizes the kindness of the almighty. The roads to the fourth state are open to all but only a few reach over there. As you know that sadhana with mantra is a comparatively easy way to the Almighty or Supreme Reality.

Will you be there in the fourth state in this life? We wish your success.

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Practice Dhyan Yoga from sadhakpariwar.com
Dhyan of what is popularly known as Meditation in English, is the only best means which can generate internal energy. Searching other ways apart from Dhyan is rather an impossible activity. Therefore anyone aspiring for internal strength, self-confidence must be able to develop the power of Meditation. Once this quality is developed then an individual really succeeds to understand the real meaning and purpose to understand the real meaning and purpose of the present life. He then realizes the importance of the inner strength and then proceeds in the development of consciousness... more

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Active Kriya Yoga (from sadhakpariwar.com)

What is the ultimate goal of a conscious human being?

Ø To eat, drink and sleep?
Ø To collect cash, gold and ornaments and leave them at death?
Ø To acquire power and control people?
Ø To pass time and to wait for death?

If said collectively, human beings have thousands or millions of aspirations. Different people have different ways of living their lives. Of course, they are free to choose any walk of life they want. There was a Mahabir, a Ram, a Krishna, and a Buddha whose ways of life were not ordinary. With their active exercises, they reached upto the par excellence. In fact, each of us are potential to reach to that level.

Present-day science also says that man uses less than 10% of its given capacity. There are 108 sensory organs in our human body but we are exposed to 10 only: eye, ear, skin, mouth, hand, legs etc. Where are other 98 tools? Cannot we revitalize them?

Yes we can, like our forefathers. If Bashishta could do that, if Bishwamitra could do that, if Brihaspati could do that and many of our ancestors did that we also can certainly do that. Sakriya Kriya Yoga is a good way to this extreme achievement. Bashishtha and Samkaracharya were well conversant of this methodology. This method has three basic phases:

1) Dharana

Maya (play or illusion) separates a jiva (living being) and the Shiva (Lord). Illusion covers a jiva with a thin cover. Commitment of a person to shatter this veil is called dharana. Dharana or acceptance of a Guru eases the way to crush the cover; his instruction or teaching helps everybody to go ahead. It is wise to visualize our Guru at our agynachakra (inside the forehead).

2) Dhayan (Meditation)

This phase comes after acceptance and visualization of Guru. Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly familiar with the importance of meditation. Meditation means absorbing at a single object or person that we like or love most. Those who have already accepted Guru, should absorb in Guru forgetting all other affair of the world.

3) Samadhi

This is the third and the last stage. In this stage, all the chakras are fully activated. Phenomena of the world can not affect the mood of the person. In this stage, man shares the knowledge and abilities of the Godhead; one can travel anywhere, knows about anything's past and future, becomes like a Rama or a Krishna.

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Also there are some Mantra and Tantra Sadhanas that can activate the kundalini and all other hidden powers within a human being. But never try without instruction from a capable guru otherwise one might end up harming him/herself.

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