||Om Param Tatwaya Naaraayanaya Guruvyo Namah||Om Param Tatwaya Naaraayanaya Guruvyo Namah||Om Param Tatwaya Naaraayanaya Guruvyo Namah||

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Yoga simply means to add. You add yourself with God and be one. That means, through yoga, one can blend in with the universal superpower and become one just like a rain drop blends with ocean. That's possible only when one realizes his/her true self. When kundalini rises, it unleashes the mind to explore the power and world that are beyond the physical limits.more...

The Science of AUM
AUM is the most excellent name of the Lord. This sound prevails in many human activities and many movements of nature. In the cry of children, in sighs, in the tides of rivers and seas, in the movements of leaves (of trees) and there are a thousand more examples. AUM stands for several meanings, about a thousand ones. AUM precedes in all most of Hindu mantras. All sects and groups within Hinduism use AUM most frequently than any other sound. Besides, it precedes in many Buddhists mantras too. Yogis and saints who are enlightened, can hear the enchanting sound all the time and everywhere. It is present in all particles and atoms. AUM existed long before the universe was created and it will remain even after the collapse of the universe. AUM has magical abilities; it can give you shelter, it can energize you, it can purify you, it can emancipate you. (from sadhakpariwar.com)

Human Life and KUNDALINI (Serpent Power) Yoga
(from sadhakpariwar.com)
'Kundalini Sadhana' in real meaning is the sadhana of mind and soul. A co-ordination of different yogas like Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Gyan Yoga is the consequence and result of Kundalini Yoga. The body is tuned by Hatha Yoga, mind through Raj Yoga and Sadhana of soul through (Gyan) Jnana Yoga. Hatha Yoga is directly linked with Pranayam - especially with the breathing practice. Respiration or breathing is related to 'Prana' and Apan Vayu. Therefore Sadhana of Prana through Pranayam is the principal objective of Hatha Yoga.(more...)

What is Kundalini? Click to Learn more at www.siddhashram.org

Real Kundalini Awakening Experiences
Want to know how it feels when kundalini is activated?? Here are some real experiences of those who were lucky and powerful enough to activate and handle the aroused kundalini serpent. Click to know more...

Bodies within our Physical Body
There is a minute centre within our body, where we can feel the presence of God, from where we can perceive truth, where we can be delighted with divine rhythm from where pleasing aroma is dispatched all the time. Absolute freedom and perfect independence are the characteristic of this minute centre, which is the centre of our brain too. This centre is often called as the sixth sense or the third eye. Though the centre, the source of excellent freedom, aroma, rhythm and bliss is within our body, it has been beyond our use. Because we have not stimulated the centre. The question is how can we activate this divine centre?
(more about 7 bodies...(from sadhakpariwar.com))

Astral Travel  (Sukshma Sarir)
Interested in astral travel? Want to fly high in the sky, space without limitation of time and distance? Then learn how to astral travel. Through meditation, you can achieve this power.Astral travel is often known as out-of-body experience. It is the conscious separation of the astral body from the physical body.
This results in an altered state of consciousness. There are a large amount of techniques that can be used to achieve this including meditation, trance and imagination techniques. (more...)

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