||Om Param Tatwaya Naaraayanaya Guruvyo Namah||Om Param Tatwaya Naaraayanaya Guruvyo Namah||Om Param Tatwaya Naaraayanaya Guruvyo Namah||

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Sadhak Pariwar Nepal is spreading our ancient knowledge about mantra, tantra, yantra, ayurved and meditation for the benefit of all. When used properly one can improve their life by the help of this knowledge. Human life is the only life that can explore all the universe with his mental power. Mind is the solution to all the mystery in this universe. Once the mind starts to activate its mental power, one can achieve peace, prosperity and happiness in this life and can make the after-life bright. There is a lot to explore and very short lifetime. It is impossible to know everything through physical means as physical is limited to its small boundary. Sadhak Pariwar can help you understand life and guide you to success. Path to success is not easy but the result is worth the hard work. Sadhak Pariwar welcomes all people from all religions and beliefs as long as one has desire to explore and make life better.The founder of Sadhak Pariwar Nepal, Shree Sadhak Satyam (Shree Sadhak Sanad Kumar Adhikari Jyu) has been trying hard for years to share and spread the knowledge he attained under the blessings of Bade Gurudev Paramhansa Swami Nikhileshworananda or Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali Ji (SadGurudev Narayan Dutta Shrimali Ji) in the field of mantra, tantra, yantra, ayurved, yoga and many other fields to all who seek for the betterment of themselves and others.

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Human Life and KUNDALINI (Serpent Power) Yoga
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'Kundalini Sadhana' in real meaning is the sadhana of mind and soul. A co-ordination of different yogas like Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Gyan Yoga is the consequence and result of Kundalini Yoga. The body is tuned by Hatha Yoga, mind through Raj Yoga and Sadhana of soul through (Gyan) Jnana Yoga. Hatha Yoga is directly linked with Pranayam - especially with the breathing practice. Respiration or breathing is related to 'Prana' and Apan Vayu. Therefore Sadhana of Prana through Pranayam is the principal objective of Hatha Yoga.(more...)

YOGA     Kundalini

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